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Inloggen op Duinzigt Wonen voor bezoekers die reeds zijn ingeschreven.
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We consider registration to be a very personal matter. For that reason the registration always will take place at our agency at the Zeestraat 48 in The Hague.
You will not be able to get a tour of (a) house(s) without having registered completely, viewing houses can be done Monday untill Thursday from 9:00 - 20:00, Friday and Saturday 09:30 - 17:00 hrs. When you come to our office, don't forget to bring at least your passport. To hurry up the process we advise to bring the following documents:

  1. your passport or id card

  2. a document with name & address

  3. your last pay slip

  4. statement of employment

  5. a recent bank statement with your name and the transfer of your salary

  6. the registration fee of € 40,-

All documents are archived by Duinzigt Wonen BV. If a house is assigned to you, we will keep these documents and archive them. No (potential) landlord will be allowed access to these documents without your approval.

Note: Lessees with an income lower than 3x the total rent and students ALWAYS need to have a statement of guarantee signed by someone who can prove that they do have an income of at least 3x the total rent price of the house which lessee likes to rent. All students also need to have such a statement of guarantee signed. The guarantor will also need to provide the following documents : ID, pay slip, bank statement (for the address of guarantor), tel.nr. and e-mail address.

Only Duinzigt Wonen BV does not charge any fee in case of renting a house through their agency.

all prices are excluding V.A.T. If you want to know more, please contact us directly: +31703606365.

When registering with Duinzigt Wonen BV you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The (personal) information you provided is accurate and filled in truthfully.

  2. The data you supply Duinzigt Wonen BV will be treated with strict confidence. The data will be used to get an assignment of a Landlord for the house you have found through Duinzigt Wonen BV.

  3. You are aware that Duinzigt Wonen BV has requested authorization in finding suitable accommodation, various owners will be asked to present the properties on the website of Duinzigt itself. Herewith Lessor is the Client of Duinzigt. By signing these terms you and Duinzigt Wonen BV get a mediation agreement.

  4. Duinzigt can’t be held responsible for any information contained on our website (or affiliate websites).

  5. Before you rent a dwelling you need to provide the following documents to Duinzigt Wonen BV: Identity document, bank statement, landlord’s declaration, salary slip or employment contract and in case of a temporary contract an employer’s statement. In case you are a student you need to provide documents of a guarantor (ID, bank statement and salary slip).

  6. You are aware of the fact that the information you provide can be checked by Duinzigt Wonen BV and you give us the right to do so. Duinzigt Wonen BV can also check whether you've been in contact with Justice, bailiff, collection agencies, etc.

  7. Normally Lessor’s are not willing to provide Option’s. Giving you an option to a certain property is only possible in case Lessor agrees with this.

  8. The final allocation of a house will always be done by the landlord.

  9. All offers of housing made by Duinzigt Wonen BV, whether written or oral, are non-binding.

  10. The registration fee for Duinzigt Wonen BV’s services is € 40 including VAT. The cost for the registration results from the processing of your enrollment in our database. In addition, this contains depreciation costs , management and maintenance of the current database and the website functionalities, creating a ready-to-rent rental file, which gives you a better chance of becoming eligible for a home soon, sending personal e-mail with suitable homes specifically focused on the search criteria you specified and unlimited use of transport, whereby Duinzigt also takes care of the parking costs.

  11. Part of the service provision is that Duinzigt Wonen BV provides unlimited transport. This way you will not be confronted with high parking costs and at the houses and you have no transport problem or costs and you can focus on the houses that you view with Duinzigt Wonen BV. We even go so far that we can drive you from one house to the other to be viewed.

  12. Based on your data and search criteria , we will start looking for homes that meet your needs. As soon as we find new offers which meet your criteria, we will send you the houses by e -mail. Through this service you will see the houses sooner than the average house hunter and you have higher chances of finding a nice house . So please be sure that your search criteria are set correctly. Duinzigt Wonen BV will you send the e- mails until you have found a dwelling. The fee for this is included in the one-time charge you pay only when you rent a house through Duinzigt Wonen BV.

  13. If you rent a house through Duinzigt Wonen you pay € 100 (excl. btw) in administration costs. Increased supervision of the ACM ensures that we are transparent in the costs and the specification of these administration / service costs. These costs include: application for a housing permit (incl. the € 45,05 that you as a tenant normally have to pay to the Municipality of The Hague), application g / w / l, TV & internet for the property that you are going to rent, providing information about living and renting in The Hague and of course other things you need help with which rentals are related. You will receive a separate invoice for this work, which is completely separate from the invoice of the rent and deposit request g / w / l, TV & internet for the property that you are going to rent.

  14. On the delivery date of you property all necessary documents need to be in possession of Duinzigt Wonen BV and the total invoice (rent and deposit) needs to be paid in full. If not, the rental agreement will be terminated (without legal intervention) and the keys of the house will definitely not be presented to you.

  15. After signing a rental agreement your registration will expire.

  16. PLEASE NOTE; in case of cancellation from your part after approval and confirmation by e-mail of Duinzigt Wonen BV, you are obligated to pay one month rent as well as the cancellation fee of € 250 (incl. VAT).

  17. Duinzigt Wonen BV can definitely not be held liable (whether directly or indirectly) for the accuracy of legitimations, employment contracts, salary slips etc.

  18. In case you are self-employed you pay 3 months deposit.

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