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Inloggen op Duinzigt Wonen voor bezoekers die reeds zijn ingeschreven.
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. If I subscribe online when will You begin searching for a place?
    In a word...Instantly! As soon as you complete the sign-up process you will have immediate access to 100’s of listings with more listings added every day.

    2. Why is Duinzigt Wonen BV the #1 Rental Service in Den Haag?
    Thanks for asking. We’re #1 because we.... have more listings than other services... know the market best... with 100’s of listings every week...successfully place 80% of our registered members ...are committed to providing the most thorough and accurate rental information available....leave no stone unturned in searching out any and all of the available apartments, condos, guest houses, and houses of all price ranges.

    3. I heard some services are not legitimate, is this true?
    Unethical rental services do exist (and specially in The Hague). We are not here to slander any companies, we suggest you phone other rental companies and compare listings, services and prices. However we became the biggest rental agency in The Hague for a reason.

    4. Can I see what properties you have before I sign up?
    Please do. Using our FREE SEARCH application, you can view our entire database of listings prior to signing up for the service to see all of the properties that we have within your price range, preferred area, etc.

    5. How does it work?
    At our website www.duinzigt.nl you will find all the offers we have, the website is up-to-date so all listings you see are available. In case you like to schedule a viewing please contact us at 070-3606365.

    6. I have a question that isn't listed here
    Just call us (+31703606365) or send a email (info@duinizgtwonen.nl).


    - Garry Watts -

    Dear David,
    Thanks so much for finding our new apartment. Your extra effort impressed us so much that we will direct some friend of ours to your agency as well.

    - Maria Agus -

    Dear Miro,
    I have managed to find accomodation through other connections. I want to emphazise how much I appreciate the efforts you made to help me with my problem, but you no longer have to search for a place for me.

    Many thanks nonetheless, as you have been most kind and helpful.

    Best regards,

    Maria Agius

    - F. Digger -

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks so much in finding me and my collegues the accommodation we where looking for. Your agency persisted where others gave up. You definitly made the difference.
    Kind regards,


    - C. Ponette -

    Dear Sir,

    Please note that I have found an apt. through one of my colleagues in Den Haag. I should sign the rental agreement in the near future.

    Nonetheless I would like to thank your organisation for all the help and effort that you have put into researching and showing various apts in the greater Den Haag area for me. I will most certainly recommend your services to anyone who needs to find a place to live in the city.
    Many thanks again,

    Christophe Ponette

    - L. Pontiggia -

    Dear Fleur,

    I forgot to thank you yesterday with the curtains (gordijnen). Please mention to Ilona that I am so pleased to have those curtains and they are really nice ..
    It is something I would never have managed. Thanks so much for that sort of service. Beyond money and contract ..... relationship, I just appreciate the help.

    Thanking you,


    PS: I am enjoying the flat very much.

    - M. Said

    Dear Ilona,
    Hope this finds you well and looking forward to the Christmas break.

    Well all good things come to an end and indeed finally the time has come for us to move on to pastures new.
    I have been asked by Shell to move out to XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX to help set up a new office there which is both an exciting and challenging opportunity for me.

    I am planning to move out to XXXXXX on 20th January, visa's permitting and C. and the children are planning to move out around the end of Feb or beginning of March once school places and local housing has been secured.

    I will arrange for the formal Shell letter of departure confirming the reason and targeted dates of the transfer as soon as possible as stated in article 13 of the tenancy agreement but I wanted you to at least have informal notice of our intention to leave.

    We have had a wonderful time in XXXXXXXXX and will leave with many fond memories. To us and the children it has truly been a home and in fact to Isabelle the only one she has ever known.

    We would like to thank you for your professional and personal touch as our landlord over the last five and half years and wish you and your company all the best for the future.

    Please let us know what further formalities might be required and if you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Renting an apartment , house, or condo can be difficult enough and certainly stressful enough for the average renter. Attempting to locate a rental property that accepts pets can make your your apartment search even more stressful... and lengthy!
    A good idea when applying for a property is to ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE! Be sure to let the landlord or manager know if your

    Has been spayed or neutered?
    Has been to obedience school.
    Is housetrained?
    Is licensed.
    Has an I.D. tag?

    ...or CAT:
    is spayed or neutered?
    is kept indoors?
    uses the litter box.( No, not the
    has been de-clawed.
    wears a flea collar.
    lives indoors.

    By letting the landlord/manager know about your pet in advance they will be able to make a much more educated decision regarding whether or not to accept your pet and at the same time whether or not you would make a good tenant. Research has shown that responsible pet owners tend to be more responsible tenants.

    We understand what an important role pets can play in a person's life. That's why we go out of our way to obtain an extensive listing of PET FRIENDLY rentals to cater to the large number of renters who own pets.
    By actively encouraging landlords and property owners to consider instituting a Pet Policy we feel that we are not only assisting our customers in their efforts to locate properties that will accept pets, but are also helping to ensure that fewer animals will placed in animal shelters as a last resort by a frustrated renter.

    Five Tips For Renters with Pets!

    1. Let the prospective landlord/property manager know if your pet is
    spayed/neutered, de-clawed, house-trained etc.
    2. Have your previous landlord include a brief note verifying that you
    are a responsible pet owner in his/her letter of recommendation to
    you and attach it to your Rental Application.
    3. Consider offering your new landlord a pet deposit of $100-$200 to
    set his/her mind at ease. This will also show that you are
    committed to renting the apartment! is also gives pet owners a bad
    name in general and won't help you
    4. Be upfront about your pet. If it is found that you have a pet in a
    NO PETS apartment complex you may be evicted. Thr cause in
    your future rental searches.
    5. Give yourself plenty of time to locate a rental that ALLOWS PETS.
    Because there are fewer properties that accept pets it will probably
    take you a little longer to locate what you are looking for.

    Duinzigt Wonen BV - Van de Spiegelstraat 12 - 2518 ET, DEN HAAG
    tel: +31 (0)70-3606365